Jewellery Care

Fine jewellery, with its gleaming facets and shimmering stones, is a treasure to behold. But with this beauty comes a responsibility - the responsibility to care for it properly and ensure that it retains its lustre and value for years to come.

  1. Avoid wearing your jewellery during activities that may expose it to harsh chemicals, abrasive materials, or excessive force. These can cause irreparable damage or wear down the metal and gemstones over time.

  2. Store your jewellery in a cool, dry place to protect it from environmental factors such as heat, humidity, and dust. Consider using a soft pouch or jewelry box with compartments to prevent tangling, scratches, or exposure to moisture.

  3. Clean your jewellery regularly to remove dirt, oils, and residue that may accumulate on the surface. Use a soft brush, lint-free cloth, or jewellery cleaner specifically designed for your type of jewellery to avoid scratching or damaging the metal or stones.

  4. When cleaning delicate gemstones such as pearls, opals, or emeralds, be gentle and avoid exposing them to harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures. Use a soft cloth or brush with mild soap and water to clean them, and dry them carefully with a clean cloth.

  5. For precious metals like gold or silver, use a polishing cloth or mild soap and warm water to gently remove any tarnish or discoloration. Avoid exposing them to chlorine, sulfur, or other harsh chemicals that can react with the metal and cause corrosion or dullness.

  6. Bring your jewellery to a Shraliter for regular inspections and maintenance. We can help you identify any potential issues such as loose stones, weak clasps, or worn-down prongs, and offer solutions to restore your jewellery's beauty and value.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your fine jewellery remains a cherished and radiant part of your wardrobe for years to come.